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Emergency Commissions



Bleh, so.. my kid threw out my drug benefits card for the month, so unless I come up with some cash, I can’t get my meds apparently. Most of this month’s money went toward the kiddo’s birthday.

So basically, I’m opening a few emergency commission slots so I can get my medication (otherwise I…

Guys please. those are so cheap. 

i’ve already reblogged once today, so why not again?

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I-Im sorry to ask butt... paypal?...


My fiances gotten quite hurt and it means a couple of days off work… we usually live paycheck to paycheck allowing no room for error like this and… im entirely sorry to ask but a few donations truely wouldnt hurt… I’ll pay it back through picture or… somehow some awsome update… I… hes the only one…

i don’t normally reblog things to my main blog, but my Mate is also in the hospital, and while i can’t donate money or offer any kind of real help, i do have some followers here that may be able to, or could even just reblog this (but you don’t have to, of course).

i feel really bad that i can’t do anything useful, but i hope this helps you and your fiance even a little…

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"You may be tall… but you seem rather…


Maybe I should talk to Arrow… I hear stallions pack some heat…”

[Decided to make a new post so i could fit all the images in~. i captioned them with the original text, but you should be able to get the gist just from gamerandvampire's AWESOME drawings~ ]

Woah woah Gurl~ Me and Small? pfff as if i laugh~~ 

Just tell me that you are to afraid to be eaten by me~~ 

and Arrow… is not as good as I am~ “

[Click on the picture to watch me get COMPLETELY CARRIED AWAY]


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i want to cry but i am empty.
i want to scream but i am empty.
i want to hurt but i am empty.
i want to heal but i am empty.
i want to rage i want to kill i want to draw blood and feast and devour and maim and… empty myself.
i want to feel i want to stop feeling.
i want more i want nothing.
i want to curl up in a ball hidden away from life i want to EXPLODE and show EVERYONE what i am who i am where i am why i am…
but i am empty.
i am empty not because i have nothing inside of me
i am empty not because i am a blank slate
i am empty by choice
i am empty because of a conscious decision to keep myself under control
i am empty because i am scared
weeping in the void where there are no tears and no fire and no light and no warmth and no comforting dark no final oblivion no… anything…
anything but me.
all of me
none of me
i am one i am many i am none i am all
i am writing this and yet MY fingers do not move
i… do not know who i am.
but yet i do.
i am empty.
i… am sorry.
sorrysorrysorrysorrysorrySHUT UP.


i swallow.
i breathe.
i am.
i am not.
i am hereiamgone.

i don’t know.
i never know.


am i


when is a door… not a door?
when it is a jar.
i am a jar.
the door is ajar.
a doorway into the empty.
out of the empty.
through the empty.
i am the empty.

ahhahaemptyisafunnywordSHUT UP.

i swallow.
i breathe.
i breeeaaaaathe.
i am empty.

i am a door.

i close.

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Terrible Fashion OC Art Meme


Send a number and I’ll draw my OC wearing

1. A fanny pack

2. Socks and Sandals

3. Crocs

4. Tripp Pants

5. A stained wifebeater

6. Snapback and basketball shorts

7. Camouflage cargo shorts/pants 

8. Mullet hairstyle

9. A meme (preferably rage comics) shirt

10. A fedor- I mean trilby  

11. A snuggie

12. Toe shoes

13. “Cool story babe, now go make a sandwich”/”u mad bro?” T shirt

14. Corduroy pants/shorts/skirts/anything

15.  A Hawaiian shirt

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thebunnyandbear asked: hahaaaa you lost, you gotta draw your huge dragon in a grass skirt and coconut bra and also wearing pigtails.

Revenge WILL be mine…